“There is only one way to find out”, I said to myself. “By doing it.”

It would not be sufficient to tuck sheets of paper into a drawer, not would mumbling in the shower cut it. No, until the first step was taken, in faith, into uncharted territory with no guarantee, how would I know?

Big words scare me sometimes. Sermons. Preaching. Big words like that. So, I realised that if I were to get started, ever, anywhere, it would not be by wrestling with these words and their definitions, traditions, comparisons…

Instead, as always with gifts, it seems, it is about having the courage to unwrap the box in the hope that it will not be empty. I have been turning it upside down in my hands now for a bit. Shake-shake! No sound coming from within.

I suppose there is no other way of finding out than opening the thing. Maybe some expository exultation hides on the inside. Maybe not.

There is only one way of finding out.