He made you, too


At first, no ear to hear it,
God created light.
As He spoke the Word, His Spirit
set apart the night.

As morning dawned the sky rose,
above the sea below.
The atmosphere that He chose
and a gentle breeze to blow.

The words declare a landscape,
a mountain is proclaimed,
a coastline, islands… Each shape
is born as it is named.

Above the flower meadows,
a million stars to beam.
The sun behind the earth glows.
The moon is in the stream.

A trout. A whale. A lamprey.
A bird. A million more.
A chirping choir. The fifth day.
Life from cloud to shore.

An elephant, a cow, an ant.
A snake, a lonely man.
A female form He’s quick to grant,
and so we all began.

A day of rest for God and man,
creation dew fresh, new.
Before the first word was His plan,
and in it, child, were you.

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