You are the child

You are the child, whether you know it or not, who brings a smile to the face of God the Parent. You, like me, are the one whose clumsy attempts, whose tottering steps, whose incessant questions fills the Biggest Heart with parental pride and tenderness.
You, my friend, are the beloved too.
You, my friend, as you ask yourself again: Is it worth it?
You, there, with weary tears streaming down your face.
You, filled with anxiety wishing you could muster more faith.
You, who have fallen again, and your grazed soul makes you feel less-than and guilty.
Is it possible for Steadfast Love to love more intensely at times? If it were, then right now is the time when such love is yours in overflowing abundance, because it is when you are hurting that Comfort comes to find you and it is for those, like you, who feel trapped in the same old mistakes that Freedom comes to lift you out. It is for people like you, who can’t clean your heart of the bitterness than lives there, that Love comes to give you a whole new heart.
You are the reason God came to us.
You are the reason God stays with us.
You and the fact that God never quits the love that is the Essence.
You are the precious one and you are very much invited to the party.
Yes, you, with your face as tear-streamed as mine, your past as gnarled as mine and your future as glorious as mine.
God always has the kettle on.

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