Morning Star

The morning stars sang together
while the angels shouted for joy
when the Lord laid the first foundations
to all that He wished to enjoy.

There was silence until that moment
and no ear to perceive it until
the resounding voice of a whisper
made known the Almighty’s will.

The lightning bolts and the thunder,
the hailstones, the clouds and the snow
stand attentive and poised and restrained
until He tells them where they must go.

The doe and the goat and the donkey,
the freedom and joy of the wild,
the eagle, the hawk and the raven,
and the face of an unborn child.

He knows them and holds them together
in ways we cannot understand,
with the breath that carries a word
which hovers over sea and land.

The Morning Star sings with the Father
as the Spirit completes their song,
and the angels sing: Holy, holy
in an incredible throng.

And there in the midst of creation
the bride, redeemed, restored,
adding glory by praising Him
whose name must be adored.

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