Think about such things…

Do you have place in the depths of your heart,
where all God’s done for you has been set apart?
A little sacred room that shines with His glory
as you recall how He wrote Himself into your story?

Do you have a little box that you carry with you,
in which you keep a precious glimpse of what God can do?
A thank you note, a song of praise, a spring in your step…
Do you have a place inside where such treasure is kept?

Do you go there often or has it been a while,
since you took time to remember? I’m sure you would smile
if you went back over all the times God showed you his care
and how He is with you always and everywhere.

I’ve been thinking this week, how does faith come about?
(The faith that trusts and acts and stays and conquers doubt).
I think the answer may lie at least in some small part
in the stories we tell in the depths of our heart.

When we remember all that God has already done,
the little things as well as the great victory Christ won
and recall how He did not spare His precious only Son
and how He says He will complete the work He has begun

then maybe we can trust and pray with confidence today
that God is really for us in a very special way
and will continue to be glorified in all that we go through.
Now there is an excellent thought for you.

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