Our Father, who art in heaven

Flying bird in crystal river.
Hallowed be Thy name.
Butterfly dumbs nodding nettles.
Hallowed be Thy name.
Shadows dappled. Rays of sinking
sun. Thy Kingdom come.
Rings of trout. A kiss. A hatch of
flies. Thy Kingdom come.
Willow. Willow. Hybrid Willow.
I’ll never guess which one.
Dying ashes. Embers. Kindle
us. Thy will be done.

Give us bread today and always
from the ground below.
And from Heaven all Thy blessings,
more than we can know.
Sky reflected. Branches reaching.
Forgive us, set us free,
just as we forgive each other,
love, to honour Thee.
Grace and mercy, Father, give us;
don’t bring us to trial.
Keep us safe, secure from evil,
bless us with a smile.

Feather on the breeze. A buzzard.
For: Thine is the Kingdom…
Setting sun behind a hilltop.
For: Thine is the Kingdom…
Ruined castles. Dreams of progress.
…The power and the glory.
Withered leaves. A baby crying.
…The power and the glory.
Forever and ever. And ever and ever.
And ever and ever. And ever and ever.
Forever and ever.

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