The LORD’s my Shepherd


The Lord’s my shepherd
even when it all
gets a little too real

when no still small voice
calms the storm
no pick axe can thaw
a frozen stream…
when you flick the switch
but the light never comes on
and whatever they gave you
for the pain
doesn’t work.

Even then

the Lord is my shepherd.

The Lord is acquainted
with dark valleys
grief – suffering – sadness
rejection – pain – weariness
hope as dim as hope can get
and still be hope.

The Lord is my shepherd.

The Lord is my shepherd
even then.

Even when leaders don’t lead
justice isn’t fair
foodbanks are overrun
furloughs end
refugees drown
evil creeps in
and those meant to care
are selfish.

Even then.

Even when
we are selfish.

The Lord is our shepherd
and He wants His sheep back.

Back from dead ends
dungeons – dazzling dreams
dread – death – darkness.

The Lord is the Good Shepherd
of reality
in all its gritty truth.

The Lord is ahead of us
in the valley of the shadow
the hill of the skull
the cross of compassion
the staff
the rod.

The Lord is my shepherd
your shepherd
our shepherd
and He leads
even then
even here
even now,
right here
in the real reality
as hope bursts into the fog
light explodes into the darkness
as a quiet revolution
of Immanuel
God with us
in the real field – the real valley
the real stream
of life
hope overflowing
the Shepherd abiding
at home
with His flock.

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